The World of Aluminium Brazing

The NOCOLOK flux brazing technology is the industry standard for brazing aluminium heat exchangers and other components. Brazed microchannel heat exchangers have been the technology of choice for the automotive industry for the past 20 years.

The applications for NOCOLOK Flux aluminium brazing are:

NOCOLOK is available as a powder for various applications (slurry, electrostatic applications and binder paint-like mixtures). The NOCOLOK product range offers a variety of specialized brazing fluxes for applications such as greater tolerance to magnesium, zinc diffusion and cladless brazing. NOCOLOK flux is also found in other products such as brazing rings and flux cored wire.

NOCOLOK is more than just a flux. We offer a value added service for your brazing process:

  • Wide choice of quality products
  • Covering the complete range of aluminium-brazing
  • Application technology
  • Development of new fluxes
  • Customer service
  • Technical assistance and consulting
  • Research
  • Documentation
  • Publication
  • Worldwide agents network
  • Supply security
  • Reuse concept
  • Prototyping and contract-brazing
  • 30 years flux production experience
  • Quality management
  • Technical training seminars