Benefits of brazed heat exchangers – Refrigerant charge reduction

This increase in efficiency means the same refrigerant capacity can be produced with smaller exchange surfaces at the condenser and evaporator, with an associated reduction in piping volume, i.e. a higher heat exchange efficiency means smaller systems and lower refrigerant charge. Important given that third generation HFC refrigerant blends such as R 410 A are much more expensive than R 22 which they are now replacing.

Greater reliability, easy recycling and lower weight Aluminum alloys offer high heat conductivity but also high resistance to corrosion. Brazed heat exchangers also boast higher mechanical resistance, especially in the fin connection, so that even incorrect handling or accidental collisions cause less deterioration with time. Moreover, microchannel heat exchangers are single-alloy system components which means easy and efficient recycling. And, although aluminum brazed heat exchangers have a similar performance to all copper units of similar size, they are about three times lighter.

Yorck heat exchanger

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  1. Ahsan Riaz
    Ahsan Riaz sagte:

    It is very good to see that besides Automotive Heat Exchangers, now outdoor residential Heat exchangers are also being produced with brazed aluminium technology(Nocolok).

    In my country a well known company has also launched Home split AC with MF Type Nocolok Brazed Condenser which is said to have higher Thermal performance then conventional split AC Condensers.


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