The Theory and Practice of the Flame- and Furnace-Brazing of Aluminium 

April 16 & 17, 2024 in Hanover, Germany

Purpose of the Seminar: 
The language of the seminar is English. It will take place in the Conference Center and laboratories of SOLVAY GmbH, in Hanover, Germany. It will provide information concerning the manufacturing practices commonly used for brazing operations and, in particular, will address the three fundamental aspects of the industrial-scale brazing of aluminium. These are:

  • Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) of aluminium heat exchangers with non-corrosive fluxes (NOCOLOK® Flux).
  • The flame brazing of aluminium.
  • The methodology of how to ensure that the brazing process selected is, indeed, the one that represents ‘best practice’.

Who should attend this two-day seminar? 

  • Technical staff who need to have a specific understanding of either one or both of the fine details of the technology of the brazing of aluminium with flames, and/or the NOCOLOK® furnace brazing process.
  • Design and production engineers who are fabricating, or who are intending to fabricate, aluminium pipe-work assemblies and/or condensers and/or evaporators.
  • Production Engineering Department Managers whose duties include day-to-day responsibility for the brazing of aluminium
  • Quality management personal of all levels in all departments including design, production, customer contract negotiations and standards including ISO 9001:2015


Here you can find the detailed seminar program and registration.

Watch the video of the Solvay Technical Training Seminar

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