Transport of Flux Slurry

In a flux delivery system, the distances that the flux slurry has to travel is often very short and there is no time for the flux slurry to settle out in the lines or header pipe of the nozzle array. However, if the flux slurry must be conveyed over long distances, to the waste water treatment site at the other end of the plant for instance, then great care must be taken to prevent the lines, drains, pipes and troughs from becoming clogged with settled out flux. The flux slurry is a suspension and unless continuously agitated, the flux will eventually settle out.

If the flux slurry must be conveyed over long distances, it is perhaps better to separate the flux and water with some sort of filter arrangement in the neighborhood of the fluxing station. The solids can be collected near the fluxing station and the particulate free wastewater can then be easily transported.

A second option is to transport the used flux slurries batch-wise (in drums) to the treatment facility or where ever desired. This eliminates all concerns about flux settling out in troughs or other parts of the plumbing system.

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