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Project Study of Gel Formation in Engine Coolants – and Considerations for the Development of Further Improved Coolant Compositions Part 1

During recent years, gel blockage in engine coolant systems with aluminum heat exchangers produced by CAB has gotten more and more attention in the automotive industry. A general understanding of gel formation processes in engine coolants and the role that flux residues on internal surfaces of brazed heat exchangers may or may not have is of significant interest.

SOLVAY International Brazing Seminar 2019

On October 8th & 9th, 2019 – for the 18th time since 2001 – the Aluminium Brazing Seminar took place at Solvay Fluor in Hanover (Germany).  There was a ‘full house’ with 31 participants from 12 countries – representing 15 companies – plus 5 Solvay participants joining this technical training.

Invitation to the SOLVAY International Brazing Seminar 2019

The Theory and Practice of the Flame- and Furnace-Brazing of Aluminium  Dates: October 8 & 9, 2019 in Hanover/Germany  Purpose of the Seminar:  The language of the seminar is English. It will take place in the Conference Center and laboratories of SOLVAY GmbH, in Hanover, Germany. It will provide information concerning the manufacturing practices commonly used […]