Flux Pastes – Part 1


  • Flux Pastes are mainly used inside B-tubes and folded tubes, in order to provide a line of flux on a cladded surface. These paste formulations are available in FG (fine grade) version, the N version (“new” – i.e. with adjusted rheology and re-mixing characteristics) and UV version (ultraviolet sensitive pigments for special application monitoring).
  • Metalized Flux Pastes (Brazing Pastes) are often used manifolds/tubes or blocks/manifolds or header/tubes or in any place there is need for joint formation with additional filler metal (usually used to compensate for challenging design situations or for larger tollerances on stamped parts).
  • Ultra Flux Paste is used inside B-tubes and folded tubes, in order to provide a line of flux on a cladded surface (more “sticky” than glycol family “028”).

NOCOLOK® Flux Pastes

NOCOLOK® flux and brazing pastes command a maximum variety of options in flux and brazing alloy powder applications.

Consequently, NOCOLOK® flux pastes can be individually adapted according to respective technical requirements and the brazing processes used.

Possible NOCOLOK<sup>®</sup> Flux brazing paste variations:

  • NOCOLOK® Flux Standard
  • NOCOLOK® Cs Flux
  • NOCOLOK® Li Flux

Alloy powder:

In combination with the various flux powders, NOCOLOK® brazing pastes can contain different brazing alloy according to the application requirements:

AlSi12     AL104 (DIN EN 1044)     AA 4047

AlSi10     AL103 (DIN EN 1044)     AA 4045

AlSi7,5     AL102 (DIN EN 1044)    AA 4343

The grain size of the brazing powder can be adapted to all corresponding applications.

Application Areas for NOCOLOK® Flux and Brazing Pastes

  • Production of multi-chamber tubes
  • Use as B-pipe flux paste
  • Furnace brazing
  • Flame brazing


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