Flux Pastes – Part 2

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NOCOLOK® flux and brazing pastes offer numerous advantages that distinguish them from other products.

1. Solvent system
Use of systems miscible with water and glycols

  • Equipment and facilities used for paste application can be easily cleaned with water
  • If required, the setting or adjustment of viscosities is possible with certain glycols


2. Variable viscosity
Depending on requirements, the pastes can be produced in a wide viscosity range and with different solids contents.

  • Flux pastes
    Possible viscosity range 500 – 50,000 mPa·s
    Flux content 5 – 60 %
    Variable flux content at constant viscosity 15 – 30 %
  • Brazing pastes
    Possible viscosity range 1,000 – 80,000 mPa·s
    Flux content 15 – 40 %
    Plummet content 15 – 45 %


3. Minimum precipitation of the pastes

  • Low settling behaviour of the contained solids even after several weeks of storage
  • Simple agitation, homogenisation is – if necessary – possible


4. Very good adhesion

  • Marginal running during application of the paste, even on vertical surfaces
  • By use in multi-chamber tubes, there is no leakage during transport, storage or processing

Comparison of vertical adhesion of brazing pastes

Above is a conventional brazing paste; Below NOCOLOK® brazing paste after 15, 45 and 75 minutes

5. Residue-free solvent system

  • Evaporation and removal of the glycol carrier system from the surfaces takes place at below 200 °C
  • The complete solvent content of the pastes comes off in the first third of the brazing cycle
  • Consequently, the removal of the glycol carrier system is possible in the drying phase or in the degreasing furnace before the brazing process

The resulting emissions are thus removed in good time before the brazing process by appropriate channelling of the waste gases. Therefore, the actual brazing process is not affected.

Differental Thermo Analysis (DTA) of NOCOLOK® Flux Paste – Representative Sample

At just under 200 °C, the organic solvent have decomposed without residue.


Available packaging forms

  • Plastic container 1 kg
  • Plastic buckets 5, 10, 15 or 20 kg
  • Optional: Plastic drums 60 or 200 kg

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