NOCOLOK® Aluminium Brazing Webinar – successful and well received

The pandemic situation these days forces us to do things in a different way and to be more innovative. Therefore, the 20th annual technical training event was organized as a Google Meet Webinar – on 2 days tailored for NAM and Asia time zones beginning of November 2020.

376 registrations for the Webinar in 18 countries demonstrate the continuous interest in the aluminium brazing process, as well as NOCOLOK® Flux and its application. The biggest remote community share with 40% comes from NAM region, followed by India and China. The participants represent 85 companies and entities around the globe. 90 people are working for our three key accounts Mahle Behr, Valeo and Denso.

The four hour webinar content covered the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of aluminium brazing – by Dr. Hans Swidersky, our Tec Center Manager
  • Usage of flux paints and pastes – presented by Hynek Pawera, our Tec BDM consultant
  • Flame brazing – by Leszek Orman, our Tec BDM metallurgical consultant
  • And special case studies collected over the years – by Leszek as well.

Nadja Plote, one of our Account Managers in EMEA, moderated in between.

The team decided for a pre recording of the presentations to manage the timing and to prepare subtitles. In addition, such recordings can be used for other webinar sessions with special target groups.

The satisfaction form at the end gives the participants opportunity for feedback incl. questions, and for further contact. Newcomers for aluminium brazing can use such educational lectures for the personal training programs and the high satisfaction ratings encourage us to continue with such kind of technical seminars.

Solvay Aluminium Brazing Webinar 2020
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